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The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to define the modalities of access and reuse of the contents and data present on the website of the Directorate General for External Security (DGSE), the legal information, the confidentiality policy, the protection rules of intellectual property rights.

Editor of the website

The website www.dgse.gouv.fr is under the responsibility of the Directorate General for External Security.


Director General of the DGSE, Bernard Emié.

Intellectual property

The website of the DGSE and each of the elements making it up, notably any type of texts, presentations, photographs, videos, graphics, animations, etc., are the exclusive intellectual property of the DGSE, except for the third-party trademarks that might be mentioned.

Users are prohibited from reproducing, representing, modifying, translating, adapting, partially or totally, for payment or not, the website, its content and each of the elements making it up, without the prior written consent of the DGSE.

Trademark law

The trademarks DGSE, Ministry of the Armed Forces and "its partners", as well as the logos appearing on the site, are trademarks registered with the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI). As such, they are protected by intellectual property laws.

Any use, reproduction (partially or totally) of these logos and trademarks is strictly forbidden.

Photo credits

The graphics and photographs of the site belong to the DGSE.

Except for the image used as a header of the page "our legacy".

  • Caption : Mission Sussex Drolot : Brochart aka Charot and Lartalias, aka Tral, issue on Mark VII Paraset in a garage of Amiens.

  • Photo credits : Sussex Museum (donation by Jacqueline Guillebaud).

User’s responsibility

Any person who accesses the website www.dgse.gouv.fr, one of the editorial offers or related services, agrees, declares and guarantees having taken notice and has agreed to be bound, without restriction or reservation,  by the general terms of use of the site. Failure to comply with these conditions will mean that the user might be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

Each user is solely liable for the use made of the information provided from and via this website. And the DGSE shall in no event be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of this information by the user.

Within the context of the exchanges made via the Internet site, the user commits himself to communicating only accurate, updated and complete information. If the user does not comply with this commitment, the DGSE reserves the right to suspend or to leave unaddressed the measures undertaken.

It is recalled that any person who makes a false statement, for himself or others, shall be notably liable to the penalties provided by article 441 of the penal code.

Processing of personal data

The DGSE makes the commitment to collect and process the data from the website, in compliance with the general regulation on the protection of personal data (RGPD) and with the Data Protection Act.

The user may exercise his rights on his personal data collected by contacting the DGSE representative on the protection of data (See « contact us »).


To allow the user to benefit from the services offered by this site, to provide him with an optimal use and its personalization according to the user, the site uses cookies.

Contact us

To exercise your rights or for any question on the processing of your data, you can contact by writing to our representative responsible for the processing of data at the following address:

Le représentant du responsable des traitements
Ministère des Armées
Case n°51 - AP501
1 place Joffre
75700 Paris SP07

To ensure your request is processed, you must provide an identity document (Surname, first name, copy of the identity card), indicate the reason for the request and specify the information concerned. Any incomplete request will not be considered.